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About Us


Our Festival

At the Videoscream Festival we strive to find and recognize new and emerging artists right alongside established pros. We know that there are a lot of great films out there just waiting to be discovered. We offer a variety of awards in multiple categories and a public screening of select award winners! 


Our Award-Winning Team

Our judges are also filmmakers, producer, writers, directors and professionals who have worked in the film industry. Our panel has experience with Netflix, Redbox, and most streaming outlets and work to help find and recognize the best films in the genre. 


Our Goals

Our goals are simple. We want to help you get your film into a festival where it will find its audience, compete for a variety of awards, and have a chance to be seen in a live theater setting. We work with a distributor who is actively seeking films of all lengths, and are happy to help connect you! 


jan 2019 winners

Award winners by category and film title for January 2019


Noct√°mbulos (Night Owls)


Best Micro Short: Madhouse                                                                                                                                                    

Most Original Concept: Shift

Best Director: Madhouse

Best Actor: Madhouse

Best Supporting: I am Albert

Best Cinematography: I am Albert

Best Editing: Madhouse

Short Films

Best Short Film: Noctambulos (Night Owls) 

Best Director:   Noctambulos (Night Owls)

Most Original Concepts: Snout & Conductor

Best use of Gore: Conductor

Best Actor: Murder House

Best Foreign Short: Baby

Best FX: Conductor

Best Editing: The Desecrated 

Best Cinematography: Blood Moon


Best Web-series: Mad Marx

Best Director: Mad Marx

Best Editing: Under the Flowers

Best Actress: Mad Marx

Best Supporting: Mad Marx

Feature Films

Best Feature: White Pillow

Best Director: The Entity Project

Best Cinematography: White Pillow


Best Documentary: Fear Itself

Best Director: Fear Itself

Fan Films

Best Fan Film: Return of the Lion

Best Director: Return of the Lion

Best FX: Star Wars: Birth of a Sith

Best Editing: Star Wars: Birth of a Sith

Learn More

In 2019 we'll be preparing a list of all films selected for competition, along with a list of finalist, and eventual award winners. 

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